Annwvyn Game Engine API Reference Documentation

Welcome to the Annwvyn API documentation.

Annwvyn is a free and Open-Source Virtual reality development framework.

This site document the whole API of the engine, both internal and external. Some of the files used here aren't really part of the engine. Anything called doxygen_<something>.hpp exist just for making Doxygen generate stuff.

If you are looking for the Scripting API, Annwvyn::ChaiScriptAPIDoc is the namespace you should look for. Theses are C++ functions prototypes that match the Script functions you can call, with comments.

The project is under constant development and there isn't yet any stable release available. It comes without any warranty and is distributed under the terms of the MIT License agreement. Full copy of the license is available on the source code repository

Also, please note that, because of the on-going development nature of this project, any part of the presented API may change without any notice.

Here you'll find the complete & exhaustive documentation of the engine (last version available in the master branch at the date this site has been generated).

I strongly recommend you to go to the wiki to get a more comprehensible help to start using the engine, there is a quick-start tutorial you can check-out and more contend will be added regularly

The engine is based on Ogre and take for reference Ogre's resource management, file format, data-structures and geometric classes. Although, the user of the engine is not intended to have to know Ogre, some part of the public API still rely directly on Ogre components, notably the Resource management and the materials.
Everything 3D related on Annwvyn is handled by Ogre and is only intended to be used with the GL render system, as it will force the call of RenderSystem_GL classes, instead of the parents.

The aim of the project is to making an high-level (yet really fast) framework to create Oculus Rift compatible content. You don't have to worry about doing the rendering, the tracking, simulating basic physics, etc.

If you have any suggestion, feel free to email me at

Enjoy your stay and make great virtual reality experiences ;-)

N.B: This Doxygen site is intended to be hosted at If it's the case, you have to know that it's based on the master branch of a local mirror of the repository. Modification of the engine can take up to 5 hours to appear on this website. While the engine is in "experimental" phase, This site doesn't mirror the content of the last release of the engine, but the current state of the master branch code.