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AnnErrorCode.hpp File Reference

Define a series of hex code as constant keywords to define error codes. More...

#include <string>
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#define ANN_ERR_CRITIC   0xDEAD60D
#define ANN_ERR_MEMORY   0xFAA760D
#define ANN_ERR_RENDER   0x5ADE60D
#define ANN_ERR_INFILE   0x12F1D31
#define ANN_ERR_UNKOWN   0x200760D
#define ANN_ERR_NOTINIT   0x207760D
#define ANN_ERR_CANTHMD   0xB12D60D


using LPCWSTR = const wchar_t *


void displayWin32ErrorMessage (const std::string &title, const std::string &content)

Detailed Description

Define a series of hex code as constant keywords to define error codes.

A. Brainville (Ybalrid)

Definition in file AnnErrorCode.hpp.

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#define ANN_ERR_CANTHMD   0xB12D60D

Definition at line 47 of file AnnErrorCode.hpp.


#define ANN_ERR_CRITIC   0xDEAD60D

Definition at line 8 of file AnnErrorCode.hpp.


#define ANN_ERR_INFILE   0x12F1D31

Definition at line 28 of file AnnErrorCode.hpp.


#define ANN_ERR_MEMORY   0xFAA760D

Definition at line 13 of file AnnErrorCode.hpp.


#define ANN_ERR_NOTINIT   0x207760D

Definition at line 41 of file AnnErrorCode.hpp.


#define ANN_ERR_RENDER   0x5ADE60D

Definition at line 20 of file AnnErrorCode.hpp.


#define ANN_ERR_UNKOWN   0x200760D

Definition at line 36 of file AnnErrorCode.hpp.

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using LPCWSTR = const wchar_t*

Definition at line 55 of file AnnErrorCode.hpp.

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◆ displayWin32ErrorMessage()

void displayWin32ErrorMessage ( const std::string title,
const std::string content 

Definition at line 60 of file AnnErrorCode.hpp.

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