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AnnEvents.hpp File Reference
#include "systemMacro.h"
#include "AnnUserSpaceEvent.hpp"
#include "AnnKeyCode.h"
#include "AnnHandController.hpp"
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class  Annwvyn::AnnEvent
 An input event. More...
class  Annwvyn::AnnKeyEvent
 A keyboard event. More...
class  Annwvyn::AnnMouseAxis
 A mouse axis information object. More...
class  Annwvyn::AnnMouseEvent
 A mouse event information object. More...
class  Annwvyn::AnnControllerAxis
 A joystick axis. More...
class  Annwvyn::AnnControllerPov
 Represent a pad's POV controller. More...
class  Annwvyn::AnnControllerEvent
 A joystick event. More...
class  Annwvyn::AnnHandControllerEvent
 A hand controller event. More...
class  Annwvyn::AnnTimeEvent
 A timer timeout event. More...
class  Annwvyn::AnnCollisionEvent
 Collision event between 2 game objects. More...
class  Annwvyn::AnnPlayerCollisionEvent
 Collision between the player and another object. More...
class  Annwvyn::AnnTriggerEvent
 Trigger in/out event. More...
class  Annwvyn::AnnTimer
 Internal utility class that represent a timer. More...
class  Annwvyn::AnnControllerBuffer
 Internal utility class that store joystick information. RAII the oisJoystick object given to constructor. More...


 Namespace containing the totality of Annwvyn components.


using Annwvyn::ButtonId = int
 A joystick event. More...
using Annwvyn::ControllerAxisID = int
using Annwvyn::PovId = int
using Annwvyn::ControllerID = int
using Annwvyn::AnnTimerID = int


enum  Annwvyn::AnnEventType {
  Annwvyn::NO_TYPE, Annwvyn::USER_INPUT, Annwvyn::TIMER_TIMEOUT, Annwvyn::TRIGGER_CONTACT,
enum  Annwvyn::MouseAxisID {
  Annwvyn::X, Annwvyn::Y, Annwvyn::Z, Annwvyn::AxisCount,
 Name and number of axes. More...
enum  Annwvyn::MouseButtonId {
  Annwvyn::Left, Annwvyn::Right, Annwvyn::Middle, Annwvyn::Button3,
  Annwvyn::Button4, Annwvyn::Button5, Annwvyn::Button6, Annwvyn::Button7,
  Annwvyn::ButtonCount, Annwvyn::InvalidButton
 Name and number of mouse button. More...


static constexpr ControllerAxisID Annwvyn::InvalidStickAxisId = -1
static constexpr float Annwvyn::INVALID = 42.0f