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1 // This is an open source non-commercial project. Dear PVS-Studio, please check it.
2 // PVS-Studio Static Code Analyzer for C, C++ and C#:
4 #include "AnnGetter.hpp"
6 using std::shared_ptr;
8 namespace Annwvyn
9 {
25 }
AnnEventManagerPtr getEventManager() const
Get the event manager.
Definition: AnnEngine.cpp:319
AnnEngine * AnnGetEngine()
Get the current instance of AnnEngine.
Definition: AnnGetter.cpp:10
AnnFilesystemManagerPtr getFileSystemManager() const
Get the file-system manager.
Definition: AnnEngine.cpp:327
AnnFilesystemManagerPtr AnnGetFileSystemManager()
Get the file-system manager.
Definition: AnnGetter.cpp:14
AnnConsolePtr getOnScreenConsole() const
Get the console.
Definition: AnnEngine.cpp:336
AnnSceneryManagerPtr getSceneryManager() const
Get the SceneryManager.
Definition: AnnEngine.cpp:322
Main engine class. Creating an instance of this class make the engine start.
Definition: AnnEngine.hpp:70
AnnResourceManagerPtr getResourceManager() const
Get the ResourceManager.
Definition: AnnEngine.cpp:320
Namespace containing the totality of Annwvyn components.
Definition: AnnGetter.cpp:8
AnnOgreVRRendererPtr AnnGetVRRenderer()
Get the VR renderer.
Definition: AnnGetter.cpp:20
AnnPlayerBodyPtr getPlayer() const
Get the player.
Definition: AnnEngine.cpp:326
AnnGameObjectManagerPtr AnnGetGameObjectManager()
Get the game-object manager.
Definition: AnnGetter.cpp:22
AnnLevelManagerPtr AnnGetLevelManager()
Get the level manager.
Definition: AnnGetter.cpp:15
AnnGameObjectManagerPtr getGameObjectManager() const
Get the GameObjectManager.
Definition: AnnEngine.cpp:321
AnnStringUtilityPtr AnnGetStringUtility()
Get the string utility object.
Definition: AnnGetter.cpp:24
AnnAudioEnginePtr AnnGetAudioEngine()
Get the audio engine.
Definition: AnnGetter.cpp:12
AnnLevelManagerPtr getLevelManager() const
Get the current level manager.
Definition: AnnEngine.cpp:325
AnnOgreVRRendererPtr getVRRenderer() const
Get the VRRenderer.
Definition: AnnEngine.cpp:324
AnnSceneryManagerPtr AnnGetSceneryManager()
Get the scenery manager.
Definition: AnnGetter.cpp:19
AnnPhysicsEnginePtr AnnGetPhysicsEngine()
Get the physics engine.
Definition: AnnGetter.cpp:13
AnnPhysicsEnginePtr getPhysicsEngine() const
Return the Physics Engine.
Definition: AnnEngine.cpp:329
AnnConsolePtr AnnGetOnScreenConsole()
Get the on screen console.
Definition: AnnGetter.cpp:23
AnnEventManagerPtr AnnGetEventManager()
Get the event manager.
Definition: AnnGetter.cpp:16
AnnAudioEnginePtr getAudioEngine() const
Return the Annwvyn OpenAL simplified audio engine.
Definition: AnnEngine.cpp:328
AnnResourceManagerPtr AnnGetResourceManager()
Get the resource manager.
Definition: AnnGetter.cpp:18
AnnScriptManagerPtr getScriptManager() const
Get the ScriptManager.
Definition: AnnEngine.cpp:323
AnnPlayerBodyPtr AnnGetPlayer()
Get the player object.
Definition: AnnGetter.cpp:17
AnnScriptManagerPtr AnnGetScriptManager()
Get the script manager.
Definition: AnnGetter.cpp:21
AnnStringUtilityPtr getStringUtility() const
Get the string utility.
Definition: AnnEngine.cpp:337
static AnnEngine * Instance()
Get the current instance of AnnEngine. pointer.
Definition: AnnEngine.cpp:56