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AnnHandController.hpp File Reference
#include "systemMacro.h"
#include <Ogre.h>
#include <OgreItem.h>
#include "AnnVect3.hpp"
#include "AnnQuaternion.hpp"
#include "AnnTypes.h"
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class  Annwvyn::AnnHandControllerAxis
 Represent the axis of an hand controller. More...
class  Annwvyn::AnnHandController
 Represent an hand controller tracked by the VR system and that the user is actively using. Contains position, orientation, buttons and analog inputs. More...


 Namespace containing the totality of Annwvyn components.


using Annwvyn::AnnHandControllerID = size_t
 ID of an hand controller is the index of an array. using size_t s. More...
using Annwvyn::AnnHandControllerPtr = std::shared_ptr< AnnHandController >