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1 #pragma once
3 #include <systemMacro.h>
4 #include <AnnLevel.hpp>
5 #include <memory>
7 namespace Annwvyn
8 {
11  {
13  struct AnnJson;
17  public:
19  AnnJsonLevel(std::string path, bool preload = true);
21  AnnJsonLevel(bool, std::string jsonCode, bool preload = true);
23  virtual ~AnnJsonLevel();
25  void load() override;
27  void runLogic() override;
29  private:
33  void processJson();
35  const bool preloadResources;
36  };
37 }
file for defining macros used for symbol export regarding the way the OS does things.
#define LEVEL
Definition: AnnLevel.hpp:16
Namespace containing the totality of Annwvyn components.
Definition: AnnGetter.cpp:8
Pure virtual class that represent a level AnnLevelManager class only handle object that derive from t...
AnnJsonOpaquePtr jsonFile
#define AnnDllExport
Definition: systemMacro.h:24
const bool preloadResources
If set to false, resource group will not be initialized.
Level object loaded from a JSON file.