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AnnPlayerBody.hpp File Reference

class that represent the player More...

#include "systemMacro.h"
#include "AnnVect3.hpp"
#include "AnnQuaternion.hpp"
#include "AnnPlayerActuator.hpp"
#include "euler.h"
#include <btBulletCollisionCommon.h>
#include <btBulletDynamicsCommon.h>
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class  Annwvyn::AnnPlayerBody
 class that represent the player. This is the user's "Virtual body" in the world. It's the object that you have to move and turn to explore the space. More...
struct  Annwvyn::AnnPlayerBody::PhysicalParameters
 Parameters of the user's VirtualBody. More...


 Namespace containing the totality of Annwvyn components.


enum  Annwvyn::AnnPlayerMode { Annwvyn::STANDING, Annwvyn::ROOMSCALE, Annwvyn::UNKNOWN }
enum  Annwvyn::walkDirection { Annwvyn::forward, Annwvyn::backward, Annwvyn::left, Annwvyn::right }
 Correspondence between array position and walk direction for the "walking" array. More...

Detailed Description

class that represent the player

A. Brainville (Ybalrid)

Definition in file AnnPlayerBody.hpp.