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include Directory Reference


file  Ann3DTextPlane.hpp [code]
file  AnnAbstractMovable.hpp [code]
file  AnnAngle.hpp [code]
file  AnnAudioEngine.hpp [code]
 OpenAL audio handling for Annwvyn handle the OpenAL context creation and the loading of sound files handle the position/orientation of the listener.
file  AnnAudioFile.hpp [code]
file  AnnColor.hpp [code]
 Represent an RGBA color. Each channel is stored as a float between 0 and 1.
file  AnnConsole.hpp [code]
 Represent the output console that can be shown by calling AnnEngine::toggleOnScreenConsole() This class create handle the texture buffer and text rendering for text display.
file  AnnDefaultEventListener.hpp [code]
file  AnnDynamicLibraryHolder.hpp [code]
file  AnnEngine.hpp [code]
 Main Annwvyn Engine class Initialize the renderer and all subsystem. Provide access to all of the engine components.
file  AnnErrorCode.hpp [code]
 Define a series of hex code as constant keywords to define error codes.
file  AnnEventListener.hpp [code]
file  AnnEventManager.hpp [code]
 event management for Annwvyn
file  AnnEvents.hpp [code]
file  AnnException.hpp [code]
file  AnnFilesystem.hpp [code]
 Implement file I/O for saving game data.
file  AnnGameObject.hpp [code]
 Game Object class.
file  AnnGameObjectManager.hpp [code]
file  AnnGetter.hpp [code]
file  AnnHandController.hpp [code]
file  AnnJsonLevel.hpp [code]
file  AnnKeyCode.h [code]
 Translation of OIS keys code to Annwvyn KeyCode.
file  AnnLevel.hpp [code]
 Pure virtual class that represent a level AnnLevelManager class only handle object that derive from this class You need to overload at least the load() and runLogic() methods to create a level. To simplify level declaration, you can use the keyword "LEVEL" to mark inheritance and constructLevel() to call the constructor of the abstract class. This class also provide a 'simple, stupid' random string generator to set IDs to object automatically.
file  AnnLevelManager.hpp [code]
 Main class of the level system The Level Manager load and unload levels from the internal Ogre Scene. It also permit to switchToLevel from a level to another one.
file  AnnLightObject.hpp [code]
 Object that represent a light source.
file  AnnLogger.hpp [code]
 Create a ostream to the Ogre logger.
file  AnnOgreNoVRRenderer.hpp [code]
file  AnnOgreVRRenderer.hpp [code]
file  AnnPhysicsEngine.hpp [code]
 The Physics Engine handle the Bullet "dynamics world" where the simulation occurs. It also handle collision feedback and triggers.
file  AnnPlayerActuator.hpp [code]
 Player Actuator permit to change the code run by the player class when updating player (position/rotation, etc) The VR point of view is relative to the player object.
file  AnnPlayerBody.hpp [code]
 class that represent the player
file  AnnQuaternion.hpp [code]
 A Quaternion.
file  AnnResourceManager.hpp [code]
file  AnnSceneryManager.hpp [code]
file  AnnScriptFile.hpp [code]
file  AnnScriptManager.hpp [code]
file  AnnSplashLevel.hpp [code]
 Scene (level) to put a splashing logo.
file  AnnStringUtility.hpp [code]
file  AnnSubsystem.hpp [code]
file  AnnTextInputer.hpp [code]
file  AnnTriggerObject.hpp [code]
 Object for representing a volume that trigger an event.
file  AnnTypes.h [code]
 Data types definition for Annwvyn.
file  AnnUserSpaceEvent.hpp [code]
file  AnnUserSpaceSubSystem.hpp [code]
file  AnnVect3.hpp [code]
 A 3D Vector.
file  Annwvyn.h [code]
 Main Annwvyn include file (to be used by client application)
file  euler.h [code]
 Euler class for Ogre
file  systemMacro.h [code]
 file for defining macros used for symbol export regarding the way the OS does things.