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Annwvyn::AnnPlayerBody::PhysicalParameters Struct Reference

Parameters of the user's VirtualBody. More...

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Public Member Functions

 PhysicalParameters ()
 Constructor that handle the default body parameters. More...
AnnVect3 getHeadPosition () const

Public Attributes

float eyeHeight
float walkSpeed
float runFactor
float turnSpeed
float mass
AnnVect3 FeetPosition
Ogre::Euler Orientation
AnnQuaternion HeadOrientation
btCollisionShape * Shape
btRigidBody * Body

Detailed Description

Parameters of the user's VirtualBody.

Definition at line 178 of file AnnPlayerBody.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PhysicalParameters()

AnnPlayerBody::PhysicalParameters::PhysicalParameters ( )

Constructor that handle the default body parameters.

Definition at line 14 of file AnnPlayerBody.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getHeadPosition()

AnnVect3 Annwvyn::AnnPlayerBody::PhysicalParameters::getHeadPosition ( ) const

Definition at line 197 of file AnnPlayerBody.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Body

btRigidBody* Annwvyn::AnnPlayerBody::PhysicalParameters::Body

Definition at line 195 of file AnnPlayerBody.hpp.

◆ eyeHeight

float Annwvyn::AnnPlayerBody::PhysicalParameters::eyeHeight

Definition at line 183 of file AnnPlayerBody.hpp.

◆ FeetPosition

AnnVect3 Annwvyn::AnnPlayerBody::PhysicalParameters::FeetPosition

Definition at line 188 of file AnnPlayerBody.hpp.

◆ HeadOrientation

AnnQuaternion Annwvyn::AnnPlayerBody::PhysicalParameters::HeadOrientation

Definition at line 191 of file AnnPlayerBody.hpp.

◆ mass

float Annwvyn::AnnPlayerBody::PhysicalParameters::mass

Definition at line 187 of file AnnPlayerBody.hpp.

◆ Orientation

Ogre::Euler Annwvyn::AnnPlayerBody::PhysicalParameters::Orientation

Definition at line 190 of file AnnPlayerBody.hpp.

◆ RoomBase

AnnVect3& Annwvyn::AnnPlayerBody::PhysicalParameters::RoomBase

Definition at line 189 of file AnnPlayerBody.hpp.

◆ runFactor

float Annwvyn::AnnPlayerBody::PhysicalParameters::runFactor

Definition at line 185 of file AnnPlayerBody.hpp.

◆ Shape

btCollisionShape* Annwvyn::AnnPlayerBody::PhysicalParameters::Shape

Definition at line 194 of file AnnPlayerBody.hpp.

◆ turnSpeed

float Annwvyn::AnnPlayerBody::PhysicalParameters::turnSpeed

Definition at line 186 of file AnnPlayerBody.hpp.

◆ walkSpeed

float Annwvyn::AnnPlayerBody::PhysicalParameters::walkSpeed

Definition at line 184 of file AnnPlayerBody.hpp.

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